What to Know as a First-Time RV Owner

RV life means hitting the open road in your rig, ready for adventure and spontaneous travel—eventually.

For first-time RV owners, a little preparation and practice lets you get to know your new vehicle and safely start your life as an RV enthusiast.

Keep the following in mind if you are a first-time RV owner!

Get to know your RV

RV Camping in AlaskaManeuvering and parking an RV for the first time takes a bit of practice and patience. Make it a point to explore driving your rig, and learn how it feels on the road, noting how it makes tight turns and how it performs in stop-and-go traffic.

Take your new RV to a wide area to test different driving maneuvers and practice parking in different types of large and tight spaces. RV campgrounds present challenges to new RV owners, but a bit of practice goes a long way for learning how to handle your large vehicle.

Invest in the proper RV tools

Venturing out on the open road in your RV often leads you to remote areas with limited vehicle maintenance services available. Including the proper tools on your rig ensures you have the right materials to get yourself out of mechanical mishaps.

Before taking your first big trip, gather up spare parts, wrenches and other tools, duct tape, tire pressure checkers, and safety equipment.

Consider a two-way radio and leveling blocks, as well as maps of your destination. Air on the side of caution for your first few trips and take more tools than you think you might need.

Know your numbers

Getting used to a large vehicle like an RV requires extra attention to numbers. Mind your RV’s height under short bridges and remember your rig’s length in small parking spots. Follow your new rig’s weight limits for loads, tires, and towing to avoid accidents. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge and know that towing, rough terrain, and weather affect your RV’s mileage. Fill your water tank with enough fluid and bring extra gallons as needed.

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