Things to Do in Alaska: Explore the UA Museum of the North

Planning a visit to Fairbanks?

The University of Alaska Museum of the North is a must-see!

Alaska is rich in history and culture

This museum is chockfull of incredible stories about Alaska, its people, wildlife and geography. It’s a great introduction to the vast history of the state and its enriching tales that span centuries. If you want to get a real sense of what the “Far North” holds, the UA Museum of the North is the place to go.

There’s something for everyoneMuseums in Alaska

There’s an attraction at this museum for you no matter what your interests are: wildlife, or authentic Native American art? They have you covered. There are impressive displays from Inuit ivory carvings, to contemporary works.

Unique exhibits and notable shows

One of the most sought-after exhibits at the Gallery of Alaska is “The Place Where You Go to Listen,” a sound and light exhibition that is driven by the current position of the sun, moon, earthquakes, and aurora activities.

Other notable shows are “Dynamic Aurora” and “Winter,” which are both offered several times a day in the summer months. “Dynamic Aurora” captures the incredible Northern Lights that light up the sky while “Winter” dives into the longest season of the year in Alaska and how the environment adapts accordingly.

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