Teaching Kids Campfire Safety for Your Next Trip

Camping is a great adventure for the whole family with plenty of activities to do and places to explore. It’s also a great learning experience for your children, starting with campfire safety!

How to find the best spot for your fire pit

Father and son making a campfireTalk with your kids about what conditions make for a solid location for your fire pit: no low hanging branches or nearby structures, and you should pick a level terrain. A slope just adds another level of difficulty to your campfire and has the potential to be dangerous. Keep clear a radius of about eight to 10 feet around the fire pit to ensure that everyone and everything is a safe distance away from the open flames, but can still benefit from the warmth.

What to keep nearby

It’s important to keep extinguishers close to you and your campfire patrons so that you can put out the fire at a moment’s notice. These extinguishing tools could include a bucket of water and a shovel. They are readily available to implement if the flames get out of control or your campers are ready to call it a night.

What to keep far away

Flammable items like extra wood should be kept further away from your campfire location to eliminate the risk of it catching fire. It would also be a good idea to keep the wood under some form of shelter just in case it rains!

No unattended campfires allowed

One of the most important campfire safety tips is never leaving a campfire burning without anyone watching it. Always put the flames out before venturing off on a group hike or going to bed at night.

Bring in the expert!

When you can’t seem to keep your child’s attention during your campfire safety lesson, call on Smokey the Bear. Smokey has campfire rules to share in an easy to learn way and provides a well-rounded experience for children to learn about wildfire prevention.

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