Take a Stroll at Running Reindeer Ranch

Things to Do in Fairbanks AlaskaThis top-rated Fairbanks, Alaska attraction started with just one family pet. The very popular reindeer ranch is owned by husband and wife duo, Jane Atkinson and Doug Spielman, whose daughter, Robin, wanted a pet horse. As a compromise, the family got two reindeer who ended up stealing the hearts of family and friends that visited. The joy of walking with these two beautiful creatures kick started the Running Reindeer Ranch!

Since 2007, the reindeer ranch has grown into one of the top things to do in Alaska.

Located in the Goldstream Valley, right outside of Fairbanks, the Running Reindeer Ranch is home to 18 reindeer and counting, with new calves born every spring. This popular attraction allows you to become acquainted with these unique creatures and enjoy a guided walk through the boreal forest.

You will be immersed in true Alaskan wilderness and learn not only about the natural history of the boreal forest, but the reindeer as well!

These one-of-a-kind tours of the reindeer ranch are reservation only because they take place on the family farm and are guided by Jane herself. The walk goes for two and a half hours and is ended with cookies and drinks shared among you and your new furry friends.

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