How to Stay Warm When Tent Camping in Cold Weather

How to Stay Warm When Tent Camping in Cold Weather

Tent camping in scenic Fairbanks, Alaska is beautiful year-round. Whether you choose to go in the summer or winter, camping is the perfect seasonal activity for adventurers hoping to enjoy the state’s innate beauty.

If you find yourself tent camping in the “Far North” in the cold weather, you can use our expert tips to stay warm!

Sleep with a hot water bottle

Fill up a stainless steel or hard plastic bottle with hot water and place it in your sleeping bag for some added heat.

Sleeping with a hot water bottle keeps you comfortable and warm, allowing you to sleep soundly in potentially freezing temperatures.

Bring the right sleeping bag

Aim for extra-warm sleeping bags if you tend to get cold while sleeping or have a lower tolerance for freezing temperatures.

Find a sleeping bag to fit your body without allowing for too much empty space that will need to be warmed with your body heat. If needed, use items like clothing to fill up extra space in your sleeping bag.

Tent Camping in WinterSnag a quick snack

Try to eat right before you go to bed to give your body the fuel it needs to run and keep you warm throughout the night.

Aim for high-calorie foods like cheese or nuts, which keep your body fuller longer. If you wake up cold during the night, grab a quick snack to refuel and get your body’s systems moving again.

Create a buffer between you and the ground

Put some space in between you and the chilled ground by throwing down a sleeping pad or something similar under your sleeping bag.

Consider using a few sleeping pads for extra insulation that will help keep you warm and comfortable against the cold. The further you can get away from the ground, the better chance you have of staying warm.

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