Four Ways to Keep You and Your Tent Cool While Camping

The sound of chirping crickets and croaking bullfrogs lulling you to sleep as you lay under a clear night sky is the perfect picture of summer camping. However, the summer months know how to bring the heat and enjoying some time away from the sun proves futile if the inside of your tent is just as hot as the outside.

Here are a few ways to keep cool and comfortable in your tent on your next camping trip!

Select the best tent for the weather

Keep in mind ventilation, space for air circulation, and tent material, as these factors will help you pick the right tent for your trip.

Choose a large tent with windows that you can leave open throughout the day, that’s made of material that stays cool in the summer sun (cotton tents actually stay cooler than nylon or polyester tents). Set up your tent during the cooler hours of the evening and break it down before the sun rises to keep it extra cool.

Exploit the shade

Beating the Heat While Tent Camping in AlaskaSet up your tent in the shadiest spot of your surrounding area to keep it cool. Keep your tent out of direct sunlight and try to pitch it to allow for wind to blow out any trapped heat through your tent windows.

Shade your tent using a tent tarp or reflective blanket to reduce heat on your tent from the sun’s rays. Place the tarps or blankets on the roof of your tent or tie off to surrounding trees above your tent.

Cover your ground

Because the ground becomes excessively hot in the summer, some sort of liner could help reduce the transfer of heat from the ground to your tent. Lay out a ground cover under your tent, like a blanket or cardboard box. This could also serve a dual purpose and make the ground a bit more comfortable to lie on!

Dig a pit at least two feet deep for your tent, placing it partially underground to try and reduce the tent’s internal temperature. This simple method could work wonders in keeping you cool!

Improve air circulation

Battery-operated fans are convenient and handy tools for beating the heat and promoting air circulation in your tent. Consider a fan that attaches to your tent or use a camping fan or portable tent air conditioner in campsites with available electricity.

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