Enjoy the Many Benefits of Camping During National Camping Month

June is National Camping Month which means you’ve never had such a wonderful excuse to get outdoors! Why not celebrate with a camping trip? Here are a few benefits of camping that will undoubtedly have you unrolling your sleeping bag!

Fresh air is abundant

The EPA says that on average, indoor air quality is two to five times worse than outdoor air quality. When you journey outside, you will be surrounded by trees and all the elements of nature (which are great producers of oxygen, of course). The better the air quality, the happier you will be because cleaner air helps your brain produce more serotonin, which is linked to a better mood, appetite, digestion, and more.

You will sleep better

Family having a fun camping trip in AlaskaAccording to the University of Colorado Boulder, the more you follow your body’s natural circadian rhythms (which correlate to the sun’s schedule) the more well rested you will be. Sleeping away from artificial light can help you get those “zzz’s” you’ve been missing.

It gets your body moving

Even if you’re a leisurely camper, you will no doubt be getting more exercise than you would be laying at home. Plus, research shows that physical activity can help boost your mental well-being. From hiking, to fishing, biking and more, the opportunities will be endless to get your sweat on.

It calls for a digital detox

Camping will help you step away from the screens because there’s little to no cell-service while camping. Spending time away from phones and computers can reduce anxiety and help your body get back on those circadian rhythms more easily.

It will make you happy

The University of Michigan found that those who spend just a few minutes walking amongst nature can reduce depressive symptoms. Urban dwellers will get a boost from spending time amongst the trees and help thwart depression and anxiety.

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