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What to Know as a First-Time RV Owner

RV life means hitting the open road in your rig, ready for adventure and spontaneous travel—eventually. For first-time RV owners, a little preparation and practice lets you get to know your new vehicle and safely start your life as an RV enthusiast. Keep the following in mind if you are a first-time RV owner! Get… Continue Reading

4 Mistakes Every First-Time RV Owner Makes

Everyone knows the saying: we all make mistakes. And if it’s your first-time owning an RV, you’re bound to make a few of them. But have no fear: knowing in advance just what those mistakes may be, gives you the opportunity to try and avoid them! Here’s what to look out for: Not making reservations… Continue Reading

Discover the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum During Your Trip to Fairbanks

Planning a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska? Make sure to leave time for a visit to the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum! Located on the Wedgewood Resort grounds, the museum features a plethora of historically significant, pre-World War II cars, gorgeous vintage clothing, and more that will transport you back to simpler times. Visit this renowned museum… Continue Reading

Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Start digging out the tents and dusting off that RV because camping season is officially upon us! Are you thinking of bringing your four-legged friend on the adventure this season? Then here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your trip together! Take a trip to the vet before hitting the road… Continue Reading