6 Expert Camping Hacks to Make Your Next Trip a Success

If camping is one of your most favorite pastimes, then do we have some expert tips for you.

Here are a few hacks to keep in mind for your next adventure in the great outdoors!

How to stay dry

If the weather forecast isn’t quite calling for blue skies and sunshine, then you’re going to need to prepare accordingly. Line your backpacks and duffle bags with plastic bags and heavy-duty garbage bags in order to keep your personal items safe and essentially waterproof.

Pro Tip: Save yourself at least one pair of dry socks so that you can warm your feet up after a long (and wet) day!

How to stay warmCamping in Alaska

If the dry socks just aren’t doing the trick, then heat up some water and throw it in a water bottle. Put this bottle at the end of your sleeping bag and you’ll warm up in no time.

Utilize sage to shoo the mosquitoes away

You’ve made this beautiful fire, but the light is attracting mosquitoes. To combat these pesky critters, burn some sage and they’ll leave you alone.

Create a makeshift lantern

Instead of lugging around unnecessary items, try to bring dual-purpose supplies. For example, a flashlight pairs nicely with a clear jug of water to make excellent ambient lighting.

Put your breakfast in bottles

You could carefully pack a carton of eggs and get it to your campsite safely, but why deal with that stress when you can crack the eggs beforehand and place them in a plastic water bottle? Then you have an easy dispenser of scrambled eggs in the morning. The same goes for pancake mix!

Can’t find kindling?

If your campsite is damp or you can’t locate enough twigs to start your fire, it’s essential that you bring some backup materials. Birthday candles will do the trick, or even some leftover Doritos or corn chips.

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