4 Mistakes Every First-Time RV Owner Makes

Everyone knows the saying: we all make mistakes. And if it’s your first-time owning an RV, you’re bound to make a few of them.

But have no fear: knowing in advance just what those mistakes may be, gives you the opportunity to try and avoid them! Here’s what to look out for:

Not making reservations in advance

One would think that every RV park probably has a spot for you. Right? Wrong. Never roll up to an RV park assuming that they’ll have space for you, without first calling in advance to make a reservation. It’s better to go into a trip knowing you have a place to sleep at night. At least we think so!

Preparing for Your First RV Camping TripYou forgot to level your RV

If you’re walking from the living room to the bathroom and notice an incline, that’s not just how RVs are built. This actually means that you haven’t leveled your RV which is an essential step in the setup process. Leveling varies among RVs, but simply put, make sure your walk to the bathroom is an uphill battle.

Did you check, and then double-check your RV before leaving?

Here’s a cardinal rule of RV travel: you have to do what’s known as the ‘walkaround’ every time you get back into your vehicle.

You never know what you could’ve forgotten, be it a loose item that fell, or a compartment or rig left open. All we know is that you don’t want to find out when it’s too late.

You’re not equipped with the right supplies for your RV

Last but certainly not least, do your research! If you invest in RV supplies, especially those related to the dump station, make sure they’re the right ones for your RV. You know why? Not only are they costly, but also, it could single-handedly end a trip before it starts. Now wouldn’t be much fun now, would it?

Now that you know the common blunders others have made on their first RV trip, be quick to avoid them! And when you’re ready to plan your first camping trip, come visit us at Tanana Valley Campground & RV Park! We’re a favorite of avid RV campers and beginners alike. Call us at 1-907-451-5555 today for more information!

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