10 Steps to De-Winterizing Your RV

10 Steps to De-Winterizing Your RV

You can feel it in the air—spring is just around the corner! You know what that means—time to de-winterize your RV so you can take it out on your first camping trip of the season.

Here are the steps you should take to de-winterize your RV this year:

1. Charge the battery

Your battery has been cold while it was sitting there unused all winter long. Remove the winter covers from your rig’s exterior and keep the battery charger in the off position while you connect it to the RV charger.

2. Flush it out

Flush the water system of antifreeze that you added when you winterized your RV.

3. Prepare the propane

Remove propane tanks from storage and place them back on their mounts.

4. Tighten fittings

RV Camper on Denali Highway in AlaskaTighten fittings. Use a damp sponge at the end of connectors to see if you have leaks. If bubbles form, you may need to recheck or replace connections.

5. Tire check

Check your tires using a tire pressure gauge and inspect the tread for any cracks or excessive wear.

6. Swap out the filters

Change water and air filters if you have them. There’s nothing like getting out to the campsite and having dirty water to quench your thirst!

7. Spring cleaning—RV edition

Rinse window screens and thoroughly wash the RV’s exterior. After an awesome camping season and some time spent in storage, your vehicle is bound to have some dust and dirt around the edges.

8. Check all pipes for leaks

Examine the status and functionality of all pipes. If you find any leaks or potential issues, address them ASAP to prevent permanent damage.

9. Test the water system

Make sure your water pump is fully functional. Turn it on and test all of your faucets. When you see clean water come through, that means your water pump is good to go.

10. Get ready to enjoy your RV!

The last step in de-winterizing your RV is getting excited for your first camping trip!

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